Toner Cartridges

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Our globally-recognized printer and toner cartridges are the perfect alternative to expensive, printer brand and BIG box store prices on inkjet and laser printer cartridges.

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Our “Triple-Check System” has transformed the printer cartridge industry

In 2016 we established our Global Procurement center: a high-tech, manufacturing facility that ensures consistent cartridge quality.

The process of each cartridge involves:

  • Industry experts and quality teams check product value during production and after production in the facility.
  • After two checks are approved, the products are shipped to Cartridge World headquarters where further sampling is carried out.
  • Product is packaged and shipped across the world to a local Cartridge World store near you.

The result? The lowest failure rate in the in the aftermarket cartridge and toner industry.

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If you buy our toner we provide you printers and printer service/repairs at no additional cost!