Do You Have One Of These Printers?

Toner Guzzler

You’re always buying expensive toner cartridges

Paper Eater

You’re printing more than you need to

Power Hog

Your energy bills are higher than you think

High Maintenance

You’ve become the printer service technician

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This is the perfect opportunity for businesses looking for a new printer or looking to replace/upgrade a current printer.


Simply agree to buy your toner from us and we’ll provide you with a leased printer and on-site service at no additional charge.
It’s that simple!


  • Recycle it with us
  • Move it to another location
  • Donate it to a charity
  • Take it to your home office

Here’s What’s Included:

Business Printers

Office Printers / MFPs: From replacing a desktop printer, to adding a fleet of multifunction devices, we provide brand name selections for all your printing, copying, faxing and scanning needs.

Toner Cartridges

Premium Quality Toner: You’ll achieve outstanding print quality and performance that matches OEM printer cartridges for up to 30% less!

Printer Service

On-Site Service: We’ll come to your office to provide professional service and maintenance for the printer(s) and/or MFP(s) you select from us.

How it Works

This is perfect for businesses looking for a new printer or looking to replace/upgrade a current printer. Simply buy your printer cartridges from us and we’ll provide you with a printer(s) and on-site service at no additional cost for the full term of use.

Popular Exchanges

  • Expensive Ink Jet / Laser Printers
  • Old Printers, Copiers & MFPs
  • Broken Equipment
  • Underutilized Devices
  • Black & White Only Printers
  • Non-Mobile Friendly Printers
  • Single Function Devices
  • Doesn’t Fit my Needs

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Toner GuzzlerPaper EaterPower HogHigh MaintenanceNo Idea

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