Legal Printing Solutions

Industry-specific printing solutions to save you time and money.

Legal Printing Challenges

We help law firms and legal service providers save on every print they make.

Large or small, your firm or service organization likely manages and creates tremendous amounts of paper documentation that must be kept secure, confidential, and available at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re an attorney, managing partner or an administrator, you probably spend a lot of time creating, printing, editing, copying, filing, retrieving and modifying versions of client and internal documentation.

We specialize in helping the legal industry with effective printing, copying, faxing and scanning solutions to make their people more productive, simplify complex document workflows and grow their bottom line.

Based on our nation-wide experience in the legal industry, here are some of the common printrelated challenges we hear from our clients prior to engaging us.

Cartridge World - Law Firm Printing Solutions

Common Printing Challenges:

  • Low spend visibility on office printing
  • No cost control
  • Last minute supplies ordering
  • Client data security
  • IT resource drain servicing printers
  • Slow adoption of scanning technology
  • Space requirements for hardcopy storage
  • Printer service issues / poor service
  • No formal print cartridge recycling program

Popular Printing Solutions:

  • Cost savings up to 30% – over OEM and big box store prices!
  • Expense visibility and control
  • Vendor simplification – one source for all printer cartridges and consumables
  • Less IT distractions on printer-related issues
  • Professional on-site service
  • FREE toner delivery
  • Empty printer cartridge recycling programs
  • Printers / MFPs (print, copy, scan and fax)

Legal Printing Solutions

From court briefs to contracts, your local Cartridge World can help improve your firm’s bottom line, boost your productivity, and reduce print-related distractions so you and your knowledge workers can focus on higher priorities. Together we can simplify and automate your supplies ordering for all your inkjet and laser printer cartridge needs. With one invoice, you’ll be able to better track your usage and control print-related costs for client chargeback or internal accounting purposes. With the increasing acceptance of digital documents, we can also recommend easy to use scanning solutions to convert paper documents into digital files that can be stored online or in a secure repository, accessible 24/7 via the web.

Our legal clients include small local firms to nationwide service providers, court systems, corporate legal departments and large local practices.  They count on our products and services to increase productivity, streamline processes and reduce the time and expense of managing their print-related technologies.

Looking for a professional opinion on your current print activities and costs?

Our print assessment service provides you with a complete inventory of all your print-related equipment, user activity and actual print costs. This complimentary assessment will provide you with fact-based insights on your current printing equipment so you can quickly identify opportunities to save money, avoid waste and streamline your document output and workflows to improve efficiency.

Are you ready to save on every print you make?

Engage your local Cartridge World to learn more about how we can help your organization save time and money on office printing!